An introductory guide to Ledger Hardware Wallet:

Looking for an intro guide of Ledger Wallet on how to set it up? If yes then assume that this write-up is especially for you and take a dive with me in the next sections of this read below.

In our further content, we will shed light on some relevant topics of Ledger Hardware Wallet such as its variants, procedure to get started with it, and an instruction guide to set it up.

In how many models Ledger Hardware Wallet is available?

Currently, Ledger Hardware Wallet is available in different given below variants.

Benefits of using Ledger Wallet:

Procedure to get started with Ledger Hardware Wallet:

After covering the above sections, if you are now interested to add Ledger Hardware Wallet to your crypto journey then I want you to clarify that you can directly buy a Ledger device through its official website. Once you purchased the device, you just have to download its official desktop or mobile app which is known as Ledger Live, and then set up your device via the app by following on-screen prompts. And if you are unaware of how to do so, then take a jump to the next section of this write-up section.

Instructions to set up Ledger Wallet:

Note: Before starting the further steps, it is required to install Ledger Live App on your desktop or computer.  

  1. Open the Ledger Live interface and click “Get Started”.
  2. Select your preferred device. (We are selecting the “Nano X” model as an example for our further steps).
  3. Click on an option for a new setup and then go through the five educational slides.
  4. Click on “Ok, I’m ready!”, then connect your Nano X to your laptop or computer.
  5. Now, use the Ledger device buttons to scroll through the navigation instructions, until you see the “Set up as new device” text.
  6. Press both buttons to agree to the “Set up as new device”.
  7. Again press both buttons simultaneously in order to create a PIN.
  8. Enter the PIN by using the buttons to find your desired number and then confirm it by pressing both buttons.
  9. Enter the PIN one more time in order to confirm it.
  10. Read the instructions of the SRP and then press both buttons in order to view it.
  11. Now, take out one recovery card from your Ledger box and start to write down each word of SRP in the same order and spelling as shown in your Ledger Hardware Wallet.
  12. After writing down the final word, confirm your SRP in your Ledger device.
  13. Get back to the Ledger Live interface on your desktop screen and then navigate through the steps, until you get to the “Hide your recovery phrase” page.
  14. Click on “Ok, I’m done!” and then complete the three-question quiz.
  15. In last, hit on “Check my Nano” and press both buttons of your Ledger device to finish the entire process.

Bottom Line:

Overall, after covering the instructions guide, I assume that you now understand, how to set up your newly purchased Ledger Hardware Wallet. And if you face any problem while setting it up, then make sure that you have followed the instructions correctly as we have covered in the above section of this write-up.